Writing assignment for Fahrenheit 451

by Janine Dellinger

  • Released February 12, 2019
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Grade 10


Fahrenheit 451 Focused Description Writing Assignment

Instructions: While we are reading Fahrenheit 451, you will notice many vivid images, and those images play an important part in the novel. Yourassignment is to pick one of those images, objects, or people and write a focused description on that image or object.

  • The image or object must play an important part in the novel.
  • It must be an image, person, or object from the novel.

How it is done: The following pages and chapter 19 of Language Network explain how to write a focused description. Please follow along as we review this, underline and take notes as this will be a good reference when you arewriting the essay

  • A focused description focuses on one object and image
  • It conveys a clear sense of purpose.
  • It includes sensory details and precise words to create a vivid picture, establish a mood, or express emotion.
  • It includes figurative language or dialogue where appropriate.
  • It follows a consistent method on organization.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Because you are writing about an image, object, or person from the novel, use examples from the novel.
  • This includes passages and quotes
  • A minimum of 4 passages and quotes
  • Convey the same mood in your essay as the novel does for your chosen image


  • This does not have to be a five paragraph essay, but it does need to contain at least THREE WELL DEVELOPED PARAGRAPHS.
  • Please remember to have a clear introductory statement and a clear thesis so your reader knows what you are writing about.
  • Please remember to have a clear concluding sentence and appropriate transitions
  • The paper needs to have proper MLA citations when quoting or paraphrasing from the novel (Refer to library resources on the school website for this information)
  • The paper needs to be double-space and typed with proper heading and title

Suggestions on Focused Description:

  • Guy Montag
  • Clarisse
  • Faber
  • Captain Beatty
  • Fire
  • Books
  • The Phoenix
  • Fire
  • The Mechanical Hound
  • If you are not sure if the image, object, or person you have chosen isappropriate, please ask.


This is a focused description for Fahrenheit 451.