The Faerie Queene

by Edmund Spenser

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Questions and Answers Book VI, Proem-Canto vi

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1. What conditions must Crudor meet in order to live?

2. How does Calidore acquire a Squire?

3. How is Turpine humiliated?

4. What does the Blatant Beast symbolize, and what happens when it bites someone?

5. Does the savage man need Prince Arthur’s protection? Why or why not?

1. Calidore forces Crudor to agree to be kind to all Knights and Ladies, to marry Briana and teach her courtesy, and to drop his dowry requirement of a mantle made of the hair of Ladies and Knights.

2. The brave, noble youth Tristam fought an armed Knight with only darts and bare hands for the honor of a Lady. To reward the young man, Calidore allows him to become a Squire, although he does not allow Tristam to travel with him.

3. Turpine flees before all of his minions, and his cowardly life has to be bargained for by Blandina. When he regains consciousness, Prince Arthur chastises him and his life.

4. The Blatant Beast symbolizes slander, and the bites fester until the recipient behaves and thinks moderately.

5. The savage man is protected by magic from any injury, and so needs no one’s protection. Furthermore, the savage man fights very well.

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Questions and Answers: Book VI, Cantos vii-xii