The Faerie Queene

by Edmund Spenser

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Questions and Answers: Book II, Cantos i-vi

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1. What happened to Ruddymane’s parents?

2. Why does Guyon have to walk to Medina’s castle?

3. What reason does Pyrochles give for fighting with Guyon?

4. Why does Cymochles leave his indulgent lounging by the river?

5. In what circumstance does Atin discover that Pyrochles lives? Who else witnesses this?

1. Ruddymane’s father fell into indulgence at the Bower of Bliss and died because Acrasia cursed him when he left. His mother committed suicide in despair.

2. Braggadocchio stole Guyon’s horse while he was speaking with Ruddymane’s mother.

3. Pyrochles claims that it was not Knightly for Guyon to defeat the old woman Occasion.

4. Atin tells Cymochles that his brother Pyrochles was killed by Guyon and Cymochles must avenge that death.

5. Atin and the Archimago watch Pyrochles stumble into the river claiming that his organs have been set afire by Furor and Occasion, though nothing can be outwardly seen. The Archimago heals him.

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