The Faerie Queene

by Edmund Spenser

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Questions and Answers: Introduction and Book I, Cantos i-iv

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1. Why are Una and the Redcross Knight companions?

2. Why does the Redcross Knight abandon Una?

3. What warning about Fidessa does the Redcross Knight ignore?

4. The Redcross Knight is deceived by the Archimago and Fidessa. Is the Lady Una ever deceived? If so, is her error of the same type as the Redcross Knight’s?

5. What scares the Redcross Knight away from the House of Pride?

1. The Faerie Knight has vowed to kill a dragon that is savaging Una’s land.

2. The Redcross Knight believes the deception of the Archimago, which pretends to show that Una is not chaste.

3. Fidessa and the Redcross Knight relax under a bewitched tree that used to be a man, Fradubio. Fradubio tells his story in which, as a young man who was very much in love, he was tricked by a sorceress into believing that his love was ugly and the sorceress beautiful.

4. While wandering the forests with her protective lion, Una meets the Archimago, who is disguised as the Redcross Knight. She falls for this deception and believes he is her true love. However, unlike the Redcross Knight, she never doubts her love’s good qualities; she believes him to be good, brave and strong even though he has deserted her and apparently loses a battle. The Redcross Knight doubts her chastity and begins to court another woman. Clearly, his errors are much more deep-rooted.

5. The Dwarf tells the Redcross Knight about thousands of prisoners trapped in dungeons beneath the House of Pride. They were ordinary men and women who were tempted into pride or indolence and now are paying the price. In such a lovely setting, surrounded by flattering women, it would be difficult for the Redcross Knight to maintain his honor and bravery. He flees in order to escape being trapped by his own vices.

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Questions and Answers: Book I, Cantos v-viii