The Faerie Queene

by Edmund Spenser

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Describe Redcross's adventurous journey to rescue the king and queen from a dragon in The Faerie Queene.

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 In the epic tale 'The Faerie Queene' by Edmund Spenser the knight in the story gets the name 'Redcross' gets his name from a cross the colour of blood painted  onto his shield. Redcross has been given a mission by Gloriana (the queen of Faerie land)  to take on a gruesome dragon. The knight travels with a sweet and beautiful lady and he has a dwarf aswell, as his servant. A storm bursts out above the companions and they all hurry for protection to the nearest forest. They then discover that have lost their way, and find themselves by a cave. The lady knows the cave and says it is 'the den of Error'. But Redcrosse doesn't listen and goes in.enters He is then attacked by the terrifying beast, Error, and her brood. The beast wraps him in her tail, but he gets free enough to strangle her. chopping her head off. Error's brood then drink her evil blood until they burst and die too. The story is meant to represent the dangers of the catholic church and it's perceived propaganda.

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