The Faerie Queene

by Edmund Spenser

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What literary element is in this quote from The Faerie Queene: "The joyous day gan early to appeare, / And faire Aurora from the deawy bed/"?

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In this quotation, the day is described as "joyous" which is an emotion which a day does not have.  This description gives a human characteristic to the day which makes this personification.  The direct  allusion to the "faire Aurora" the Roman mythology beautiful goddess of dawn, also begins to appear from "the deawy bed" which brings both imagery to help with the picture and into the literary elements.  Taken as one phrase, imagery of the awakening day which is both joyous and as beautiful as Aurora, would be enough to help the reader see the day as the writer sees it.  Personification helps with the intimate feelings about the beginning of this day.

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