The Faerie Queene Summary and Analysis: Book VI, Proem-Canto vi

Edmund Spenser

Summary and Analysis: Book VI, Proem-Canto vi

Book VI: “The Legend of S. Calidore or, Of Covrtesie”

New Characters
Aladine: The son of Aldus who is incautious enough to be seriously wounded while enjoying his Lady’s courtesies.

Aldus: An older, honorable, retired Knight who owns a castle, father of Aladine.

Blandina: A Lady who was with an unworthy Knight, Turpine.

Briana: A proud woman in love with Crudor.

Calepine: A Knight in love with Serena.

Calidore: A brave, courtly Knight who exemplifies courtesy.

Crudor: A self-absorbed Knight who demands Briana provide a garment made of hair and beards before he will yield to her love.


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