The Faerie Queene Summary and Analysis: Book VI, Cantos vii-xii

Edmund Spenser

Summary and Analysis: Book VI, Cantos vii-xii

New Characters
Brigands: Lowly thieves who prey on shepherds or anyone else they can.

Claribell: Bellamour’s love, who bore him a child left for dead outdoors.

Colin: A shepherd and musician.

Coridon: The shepherd most in love with Pastorell.

Disdain: A giant who punishes Mirabella according to Cupid’s dictate.

Lord Bellamour: The goodly Knight to whose castle Calidore brings Pastorell.

Meliboe: Pastorell’s father, a good man who disdains money.

Mirabella: A hard-hearted but beautiful woman who lets many men die out of longing for her.

Pastorell: A beautiful maid honored by shepherds and maids alike.


(The entire section is 3665 words.)