The Faerie Queene Summary and Analysis: Book III, Cantos vii-xii

Edmund Spenser

Summary and Analysis: Book III, Cantos vii-xii

New Characters
Argante: A giantess who is infected with lust.

Busirane: A vile wizard who tries to win Amoretta’s consent with torture and fear.

Hellenore: The young and carefree wife of Malbecco.

Malbecco: An elderly miser with a young and beautiful wife he keeps imprisoned out of (unfounded) jealousy.

Monster: A vile thing resembling a hyena, called up by the witch because it feeds on women’s flesh.

Ollyphant: A giant, the twin brother of Argante and also a slave to lust.

Palladine: A female Knight, chaste and brave.

Paridell: A Faerie Knight sent out to search for Florimell.

Paris: The Trojan whose love for...

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