The Faerie Queene Summary and Analysis: Book II, Cantos i-vi

Edmund Spenser

Summary and Analysis: Book II, Cantos i-vi

Book II: “The Legend of Sir Gvyon, or Of Temperavnce”

New Characters
A Palmer: An old man traveling with Sir Guyon (a “palmer” is a pilgrim).

Atin: A squire and messenger who announces Pyrochles’ arrival.

Belphoebe: A beautiful woman, possibly a goddess, who amazes Braggadoccio.

Braggadoccio: A braggart who uses Sir Guyon’s horse to pretend to be a Knight.

Claribell: The Lady of the Squire, a chaste and noble woman.

Crying Woman: Although claiming she has been raped, the woman is really Duessa.

Cymochles: Pyrochles’ brother, whose loves the sorceress Acrasia.

Dan Faunus: A rude and...

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