The Faerie Queene Summary and Analysis: Book I, Cantos ix-xii

Edmund Spenser

Summary and Analysis: Book I, Cantos ix-xii

New Characters
Charissa: Dame Celia’s daughter, who is pregnant.

Contemplation: A man who fasts and prays to lower the effects of his body upon his spirit, and who gives Redcross much information.

Dame Caelia: Runs a holy house for rejuvenation with her three daughters.

Despair: A demon that removes all hope from men.

Dragon: A fearsome creature devastating Una’s land.

Fidelia and Speranza: Dame Celia’s virginal daughters.

King: The lord of the land the dragon was decimating and father to Una.

Mercy: The leader of an order of goodly Protestants who give aid and succor to those who need it.

Messenger: A minion...

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