Summary and Analysis: Introduction and Book I, Cantos i-iv

Book I: “The Legende of the Knight of the Red Crosse, or Of Holinesse”

New Characters
Abessa: The pious, prayerful mother of Corecca, who does not mind her dating a thief.

Archimago: A magician who disguises himself as an old man.

Corecca: The deaf and dumb daughter of Abessa, who is dating Kirkapine the thief.

Dwarf: The carrier of belongings, a lackey for the Lady and the Knight.

Error: A vile monster with a long, poisonous tail and many offspring.

Fidessa/Duessa: An ancient and ugly sorceress (Duessa) disguised as a beautiful young maiden (Fidessa).

Fradubio: Once a man, now bewitched into a tree.


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