The Face on the Milk Carton Chapter 11 Summary
by Caroline B. Cooney, Caroline Bruce

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Chapter 11 Summary

It takes two hours to drive from Connecticut to New Jersey. Reeve concentrates on the road while Janie studies the map to find the shopping mall where Jennie Spring was kidnapped. On the road, Janie tells him everything, but he has trouble believing it. He has known Janie’s parents most of his life, and he cannot imagine that they are criminals.

During the drive, Reeve wonders aloud what their parents will think about the two of them skipping school together. He suspects that the adults will accuse Reeve and Janie of going to a hotel or a beach somewhere to have sex. Janie has no room in her mind to worry about this. She is developing a bad headache, and it is all she can do to navigate. She stays silent, speaking only to tell Reeve where to turn.

To break the silence, Reeve tells Janie about his family. He explains that his two older sisters grew up in a sort of war with each other to see who could earn the best grades and win the most awards. His brother, caught between the two girls in age, tried to keep up as well as he could. Reeve, by far the youngest, never wanted anything to do with his siblings' academic rivalry.

Hearing this, Janie reflects that she grew up next door to this family, but she had known nothing of what was going on in their home. She thinks people really don't notice anything except their own problems. Janie’s life has been falling apart lately, and her friends have no idea. Janie believes she is being a bad friend to Reeve now, focusing on herself when he has just poured his heart out to her. Inwardly, she decides that she is a bad person:

Because a good person, a good daughter...would have remembered her real parents...She wouldn’t just trade them in. And certainly not for an ice cream sundae.

Reeve asks Janie what she plans to do if she finds the Spring family. Janie has only thought about finding the ice cream shop, and she does not know what to do about the Springs. Reeve points out that they will call the police if she speaks to them. If that happens, Janie’s whole life will change.

After thinking it over, Janie decides to look up the Springs’ address and go see their house. She does not want to speak to them;...

(The entire section is 622 words.)