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"A Good Folly Is Worth Whatever You Pay For It"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: The learned phrenologist sits at his desk awaiting his next customer. There enters a man with a "head in the shape of a Rocky Ford Cantaloupe." The learned phrenologist begins to examine the head of the man and declares that he has enough benevolence for eight people. The man, so says the phrenologist, has the utmost in conscientiousness, hope, and ideality. Finally, the phrenologist suggests that the man with all these wonderful talents should become the "President of a Theological Seminary." Then, he tells him to pay three dollars for the advice. The three dollars is two days' pay for the man. But he is pleased with the information in spite of the cost. Thereafter, as before, he drove a Truck, but he was always glad to know that he could have been President of a Theological Seminary.

MORAL: A good Folly is worth Whatever you Pay for it.