F(rancis) R(eginald) Scott A.J.M. Smith - Essay

A.J.M. Smith

(Contemporary Literary Criticism)

"He bears history,/the lakes/he dives under …" These lines will take us into the first poem in Scott's [Selected Poems,] "Lakeshore," one of the finest and most characteristic pieces in the collection…. [Its theme is] Man's history, which extends back into pre-history and before man. Its unifying symbol is water as the source of life. The poem establishes through a specific concrete personal experience a contact in awareness with biological history, stretching back to the primordial beginnings of life and all around to the earthbound mechanical now of "a crowded street."

By the edge of a lake, the poet—or, better, the sensuous mind that is the protagonist of so many of Scott's...

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