F. H. Bradley Analysis

Additional Reading

(Critical Survey of Ethics and Literature)

Bradley, James, ed. Philosophy After F. H. Bradley: A Collection of Essays. Bristol, England: Thoemmes Press, 1996. These essays deal with both historical and present-day issues. Representing some of the most acute analysis and assessment available, they presuppose some philosophical sophistication and, in a few essays, some understanding of the rudiments of symbolic logic.

Eliot, T. S. Knowledge and Experience in the Philosophy of F. H. Bradley. New York: Columbia University Press, 1989. Originally submitted in 1916 as Eliot’s Harvard doctoral dissertation, this is a beautifully argued and independent exposition of F. H. Bradley’s epistemology as conveyed in Appearance and Reality. Defends Bradley against the views and criticisms of Alexius Meinong and Bertrand Russell.

Ingardia, Richard. Bradley: A Research Bibliography. Bowling Green, Ohio: Bowling Green State University Press, 1991. A selective, research-oriented bibliography, which lists more than a thousand secondary sources published through June, 1990. It opens with a charming memoir of Bradley by Brand Blanshard.

Mander, W. J. An Introduction to Bradley’s Metaphysics. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1994. Centers on the relation between thought and reality and uncovers Bradley’s core beliefs about the logical structure of reality, space, and time. Difficult in places but still the best single introduction to Bradley’s...

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