Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Overview Quiz

eNotes' Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Overview Quiz covers the major and minor details of Foer's novel, including questions on Oskar's quest and interests, as well as memories of his late father Thomas. Test your knowledge of this modern classic today.

  1. To whom does Oskar write, asking to be his protege?

  2. What song is on Oskar's ringtone?

  3. Which character does Oskar portray in Hamlet?

  4. What fluid does Thomas imagine is feeding the trees?

  5. Why does Oskar say his father would approve of being exhumed?

  6. What word is written on the key that Oskar finds?

  7. What instrument does Oskar play?

  8. What sport does Oskar take up, at his mother's suggestion?

  9. What does Thomas often pretend to read?

  10. What object is the only thing Thomas saves from the rubble in Dresden?