Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Chapter 5 Summary and Analysis: The Only Animal

Jonathan Safran Foer

Chapter 5 Summary and Analysis: The Only Animal

Oskar explains that he first read A Brief History of Time when his father was alive and that he "got incredibly heavy boots about how relatively insignificant life is." He and his father contemplated how they could change the universe and the course of human history by moving a single grain of sand. This, he explains, is the same way he decided to look for every person in New York City with the last name Black, alphabetically by first name from Aaron to Zyna. Oskar prepares a field kit and embarks on his journey.

Oskar walks to Queens (because public transportation makes him "panicky"), playing his tambourine the entire way, to the home of Aaron Black. He is saddened to learn that...

(The entire section is 640 words.)