Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis: Googolplex

Jonathan Safran Foer

Chapter 3 Summary and Analysis: Googolplex

The chapter opens with a description of a bracelet that Oskar made for his mother. It was his father's last message, which he converted into Morse code and then into different colored beads. Oskar then explains that a year later, he still struggles with riding in elevators and taking showers. He also explains his fear of Arabs, scaffolding, smoke, and abandoned bags.

Oskar finds himself in his father's closet, confronting his father's possessions for the first time since his death. Oskar is distracted by his mother and her friend, Ron, who seem to be having too good of a time in the other room and accidentally breaks a vase. While cleaning up the broken vase, Oskar notices a small envelope...

(The entire section is 626 words.)