Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close Chapter 16 Summary and Analysis: My Feelings

Jonathan Safran Foer

Chapter 16 Summary and Analysis: My Feelings

The chapter opens with a knock at the door of Oskar's grandmother's room. Oskar's grandfather stands before her with his pants covered in dirt. He informs her that he had gone to get her magazines. She follows him to the airport where she watches him intently for hours; she explains, "I have been an expert at watching him. It's been my life's work." She then confesses that she is not sure if she ever loved him. Finally, she approaches him and they have a conversation though he, of course, says his part written on napkins. He finally reveals that Anna had been pregnant at the time of her death and Oskar's grandmother says that she knows. He is shocked to learn this because he thought it had been a...

(The entire section is 606 words.)