The Explorer "Something Lost Behind The Ranges"
by Rudyard Kipling

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"Something Lost Behind The Ranges"

(Magill's Quotations in Context)

Context: Wanderlust is a part of the nature of man. In "The Explorer" Kipling paints a graphic picture of the homing instinct of man overpowered and in dialectic interplay with his desire to search for the unknown. The explorer goes from one "outpost of cultivation" to another, and with each one his eternal restlessness drives him ever onward to new quests for adventure. There is no end to the Explorer's path, for satisfaction only raises his curiosity to a higher pitch, even though he knows that other men will get the credit for what he has accomplished.

Till a voice, as bad as Conscience, rang interminable changes
On one everlasting Whisper day and night repeated––so:
"'Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the Ranges––
"Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go!"