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Summarize the book "Exodus" by Leon Uris.

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Exodus by Leon Uris is a long, sprawling novel about the foundation of the state of Israel. Published in 1958, it became an international best seller, raising awareness of the nation of Israel in the minds of the general public. Although it has been criticized for anti-Arabic bias, it was important in gaining sympathy for the Jews and keeping awareness of them in the public mind after the immediate impact of revelations about the Holocaust had begun to fade. 

The first part of the book begins on the Greek island of Cyprus where Ari Ben Canaan is trying to help Jewish refugees flee to Palestine. Here he discovers and enlists the help of a nurse, Kitty Fremont. They eventually manage to secure a ship for transport.

The second part of the book describes the arrival of Russian Jewish refugees in Palestine, especially Jossi and Yakov Rabinsky, who are active in the movement to create a Jewish homeland. The third part of the book unites the first two parts by having Ari and Kitty arrive with the refugee children in Palestine.

The fourth part of the book describes the approval in the United Nations for the partition of Palestine and the official foundation of Israel as a nation. The book concludes with the efforts of the Israelis to accommodate a massive influx of new refugees and to make a home for themselves in their new land. 

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