The Executive Sourcebook

(Critical Survey of Contemporary Fiction)

Described as an “illustrated guide to products, information sources, business aids and other materials,” the SOURCEBOOK is an entertaining, useful illustrated catalog. The first section, “Executive Style,” not only discusses furniture, including a grandfather clock, but also covers gifts, paper shredders, and office exercise equipment. Another section, “Building Your Career,” includes information on graduate schools that offer part-time MBA’s.

The “Executive Management Library” provides brief annotations to business reference books arranged by category. A section on “Electronic Tools” concerns computers. There are guides to resources that will help the user become computer literate and find the way through the maze of telecommunications.

If one is successful in using all the resources in the first five parts of this book, surely the sixth will be needed, a guide that concerns “Executive Money Management.” Here one will find not only help in managing the company’s finances but also one’s own. The final chapter is a guide to executive wealth building.

All sections of this work are well illustrated, and there is an index. While the text may or may not help one’s career, it should not hurt it. If, however, it develops that too much time has been squandered in selecting designer accessories for one’s suite, there are also chapters that will help one find another job.