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by Matthew Desmond

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Student Question

Why does Sherrena attend the RING meeting in Evicted?

Quick answer:

Having made a fortune out of owning property in the ghetto and through her full service management business, Sherrena is eager to share her expertise with other investors.

Expert Answers

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Sherrena, the inner-city landlord, attends a meeting of RING, which stands for Real Estate Investors' Networking Group. This is a group of lawyers, investors, assessors and other people involved in the real estate business. It's a chance for various interested parties to get together and explore opportunities for making money out of real estate. Sherrena attends the meeting for just such a reason. She's making a lot of money off of property on the North Side and wants to make even more. She hopes that by attending the meeting she'll gain additional contacts to help take her business to the next level.

But Sherrena can also be of assistance to others—for a price. Many white landlords and real estate investors know how much money can be made in the black ghetto neighborhoods, but they're scared off at the thought of collecting rents or issuing eviction notices in such notoriously rough areas. That's where Sherrena comes in. For the right price she can offer a full property management service and advise them of the best locations in the ghetto for buying property. She will be their broker to black Milwaukee.

Sherrena has made a fortune out of owning property in the ghetto and she's keen to make even more money by sharing her expertise with other landlords who might otherwise get cold feet about owning property on the North Side. For Sherrena, the 'hood has been good, and she hopes that other investors will come to realize this.

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