by Matthew Desmond

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How did Scott overcome his addictions in Evicted?

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Scott used to work as a nurse before his license was revoked due to addiction issues. He'd become hooked on painkillers and other opioids. Not only has Scott's addiction cost him his job, it's also cost him his car and home. So like so many others in Milwaukee, he's found...

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himself out on the streets with no place to go. At a homeless shelter, he meets Teddy, a man with disabilities, and together they move into a trailer, where Scott uses his nursing skills to help Teddy with his partial paralysis. He also helps out with the chores.

Life at the trailer park is tough for Scott. His addictions get worse, and he starts shooting black tar heroin. His life is in a downward spiral. Things deteriorate further when he and Teddy are subsequently evicted from the trailer park for allowing two drug addicts, who themselves have already been evicted, to stay with them. Scott ends up moving from place to place, in and out of rehab. After finding a place in a homeless shelter, Scott finally manages to stay clean. He works there as a custodian for a year before being given subsidized housing. This is the life raft that Scott sorely needed. With an affordable place to live, he's able to stay off drugs, find meaningful work, and strive for independence.

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