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Everything, Everything is a poignant novel written by Nicola Yoon. It is about a teenage girl who suffers from an acute immune system disorder (severe combined immunodeficiency or SCID), which prevents her from leaving the house. She has lived in the company of only her mother, Pauline, and her nurse, Carla for all 18 years of her life.

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One days, she sees a boy outside whose gaze meets hers. His family is moving in next door. She learns that his name is Olly and the two begin to message one another online. Her nurse, Carla, facilitates a meeting between Olly and Maddy. Olly is endearing--mature beyond his years in his love for Maddy; however, Carla is dismissed after Maddy's mother discovers the meeting. Maddy and Olly continue to communicate via text message, by means of which Maddy persuades Olly that she is taking a medicine that will allow her to take a trip with him to Hawaii.

While in Hawaii, Maddy becomes sick and returns home (after her mother had already left for Hawaii to chase after her). However, months after being treated, Maddy receives word from her doctor that she does not in fact have an immunodeficiency disorder, but rather only lacks a natural immunity because of her cloistered lifestyle. Maddy does not need to live under house arrest after all. When Maddy addresses the deception with her mother, it becomes clear that her mother feigned the disease because she had been bereft of her husband and brother and wanted to protect Maddy.

The novel is told in the first person in the form of Maddy's diary (replete with notes about the air quality, her number of breaths per minute, and other objective and mundane health records). The novel ends happily, if abruptly, with Maddy and Olly reuniting in New York. The ending suggests that their love will endure beyond the novel's closing pages.

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