Everyman Everyman Overview Quiz

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Everyman Overview Quiz

What do you know about this anonymous fifteenth century English, Christian morality play? Find out by taking the eNotes quiz about "Everyman" to find out! 

  • Question 1

    What does Death ask Everyman?

  • Question 2

    What announcement does God make to the audience?

  • Question 3

    Why is God angry and disappointed with mankind?

  • Question 4

    What does the Messenger announce at the beginning of the play?

  • Question 5

    What request does Everyman make of Death?

  • Question 6

    Which of Everyman's friends does Good Deeds suggest might help him?

  • Question 7

    How is Good Deeds released from his shackles and then able to assist Everyman?

  • Question 8

    Who is the first friend Everyman meets on his journey with Death?

  • Question 9

    Which of Everyman's friends cannot leave the Earth?

  • Question 10

    What does God instruct Death to do?

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