Everyman Characters

  • Everyman, an allegorical figure who represents all of humanity.
  • Fellowship, Everyman's friends.
  • Cousin and Kindred, Everyman's family.
  • Goods, Everyman's material possessions.
  • Good Deeds, which Everyman performed in life.
  • Knowledge, who advises Everyman to confess his sins.
  • Beauty, Strength, Discretion, and Five Wits, who accompany Everyman to the Gates of Heaven.
  • God, who sits in judgment of Everyman.
  • Death, who delivers the message that Everyman will be judged by God.

Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)


God, who has decided to have a reckoning of all men.


Death, who is summoned to receive God’s instructions to search out Everyman. Death agrees to give Everyman some time to gather companions to make the journey with him.


Everyman, whom Death approaches and orders to make the long journey to Paradise to give an accounting for his life.


Good-Deeds, the one companion who can and will make the entire journey with Everyman. Everyman finds Good-Deeds too weak to stir, but after Everyman accepts penance, Good-Deeds is fit for the journey.


Knowledge, the sister of Good-Deeds. Knowledge offers to guide Everyman but cannot go with him into the presence of his maker.


Confession, who lives in the house of salvation. Confession gives penance to Everyman.






Beauty, and

The Five Wits

The Five Wits, companions who go part of the way with Everyman.




Kindred, and


Goods, to whom Everyman turns for companions. All offer to help but refuse when they learn the nature of the journey.

A messenger

A messenger, who appears in prologue to announce a moral play to the audience. He warns that people should look to the end of their lives.

A doctor

A doctor, who appears at the end to remind the audience that only Good-Deeds will avail at the final judgment.

Everyman Characters

The Angel appears briefly at the play's conclusion to accept Everyman into God's domain. Because of his virtue,...

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