What actions or words from Dee indicate an increasing interest in her heritage?

Expert Answers

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First, when Dee arrives home to visit her mother and sister, almost the first thing she does is take a bunch of pictures of her family, their home, and even their livestock.  Next, Dee says that she has changed her name because she wants it to reflect her ancestry and not the white masters that once owned her family.  Third, Dee seems to be newly impressed by the handmade artifacts her mother and sister use each day, items that have been crafted by various family members: the benches with the indentations that show where people sat, the dasher for the butter churn, the churn top, and so forth.  Finally, Dee's intense interest in and longing for the quilts, quilts that she once rejected when Mama offered her one before she left for school, also shows that her interest in preserving her heritage has developed.

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