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Every Day by David Levithan follows the story of A, a being who wakes up in the body of a different person each morning. For a full day, they live as if they were that person. A cannot choose which body they inhabit each day, but they can access the person's memories to try and act as normally as possible.

For most of their life, A has tried to keep their existence a secret. But when they wake up in the body of a teenager named Justin, A falls in love with Justin's girlfriend, Rhiannon. By searching through Justin's memories and spending time with Rhiannon, A discovers that Justin mistreats his girlfriend and their relationship is tumultuous. A has never felt in love or like they belong with anyone before, but they begin to feel that with Rhiannon. A wants to help Rhiannon and become closer with her but knows that the next day, they'll wake up in an entirely different body.

Even after A switches to the next body, they cannot stop thinking about Rhiannon. A tries to figure out a way that they can communicate with Rhiannon again without scaring her. In another girl's body, A drives to Rhiannon's school just to spend time with her but doesn't know how to tell Rhiannon what's going on. Eventually, through email and more meet-ups, A reveals to Rhiannon that they wake up in a different body every day and have also fallen in love with her.

At first, Rhiannon is confused and doesn't know what to believe. But as she spends more time with A, she starts to fall in love with them, too. She feels that a relationship with A (friendship or otherwise) would be painful for both of them, however, and she doesn't know if it would be possible. At the same time, A is confronted by a boy named Nathan whose body they inhabited and used to talk with Rhiannon at a dance.

Nathan believes that he was possessed by A that night. He thinks that it is his duty to figure out what happened and possibly save others from A, who he assumes is a demon. An article is published about the experiences of others who have been "possessed" for a day and want answers.

Rhiannon stops emailing A for a while because she needs a break. Several days later, however, A wakes up in her body. They decide not to shower or break up with Justin in order to respect Rhiannon's privacy. Nevertheless, being in Rhiannon's body is a beautiful experience for them. At the end of the day, they write a letter to...

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