Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Benedict Bellefontaine

Benedict Bellefontaine (behl-fon-TEHN), a farmer of Grand-Pré, in French Canada, who dies after the British fleet captures and burns his village.

Evangeline Bellefontaine

Evangeline Bellefontaine (ay-vahn-zheh-LEEN), his lovely daughter, betrothed to Gabriel Lajeunesse. After he is exiled by the British, she roams the United States from Louisiana to the Ozark Mountains and Michigan in search of him. Finally, she becomes a Sister of Mercy in Philadelphia, and there she finds him dying. Soon afterward, she dies and is buried beside him.

Gabriel Lajeunesse

Gabriel Lajeunesse (ga-bree-EHL lah-zhew-NEHS), Evangeline’s sweetheart, deported from Acadia by the British. After years of hunting and trapping, he ends up in Philadelphia. There, he is struck down by yellow fever and dies in an almshouse. Evangeline finds him in time to comfort him in his dying moments.

Basil Lajeunesse

Basil Lajeunesse (bah-ZEEL), Gabriel’s father, a blacksmith who becomes prosperous in his new home but is unable to keep track of Gabriel.

Father Felician

Father Felician (fay-lee-SYAHN), the priest at Grand-Pré who buries Benedict and comforts Evangeline.

Baptiste Leblanc

Baptiste Leblanc (bahpt-TEEST leh-BLAHN), the son of a notary. Unable to persuade Evangeline to marry him, he loyally follows her in her search for Gabriel.

A Shawnee Indian woman

A Shawnee Indian woman, who tells tribal legends to Evangeline.


Mowis, a legendary Indian bridegroom made of snow who dissolves in the sunshine.


Lilinau, another legendary Indian, who follows her phantom sweetheart into the woods and disappears forever.