European Exploration of America

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Would America exist without the Middle Ages?

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An aspect that characterized the Middle Ages of Europe was that of exploration and the expansion of trade routes. Wealthy individual Europeans and European nations started becoming interested in trade routes throughout Asia and the Indian subcontinent (though there was not an understanding of this geography at the time). Coupled with this economic desire was a Christian religious belief that Europeans were destined to dominate the globe. This belief became particularly strong during the fifteenth century, particularly in Spain, Portugal, Italy, and, later, France, England, Belgium, and Germany. The European lust for wealth, coupled with arrogant religious beliefs of superiority and destiny, was a direct cause of what eventually became European colonization of Africa, Asia, and South and North America. The rifle and the Bible—God, gold, and glory—these are the cornerstones of Middle Ages Europe that catalyzed the beginning of European colonization. Given this, I believe the Middles Ages of Europe were crucial to the creation of the racist, genocidal founding of the land now known as "America."

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