European Colonization of North America

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Why did Canada accept British rule while the United States did not?

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The Quebec Act of 1774 is one of the primary reasons Canada accepted British rule, while the American colonies did not. This act essentially granted religious freedom to the Catholic majority in Canada and extended the province as far south as the Ohio River. In a sense, this placated the Canadians, who decided to deal with the British as opposed to backing the far-fetched ideas of the American revolutionaries.

America, on the other hand, vehemently opposed this Intolerable Act. The Quebec Act was seen as an attack on America's religious freedom, as they were not primarily Catholic. Moreover, the geographic size increase of Quebec and the province's new system of British government brought great fear to the American colonists. The new government of Quebec would outlaw legislative elections and required an appointed royal governor, and this was at the heart of what the entire revolution was about in America.

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