Other Literary Forms

(Literary Essentials: Great Poems of the World)

In addition to his several volumes of verse collected by R. Bettarini and G. Contini in a critical edition, L’opera in versi, Eugenio Montale wrote the obliquely autobiographical short stories of Farfalla di Dinard (1956; Butterfly of Dinard, 1971). His critical essays on literature were collected by G. Zampa in Sulla poesia (1976; on poetry) and those on broadly cultural or social topics in Auto da fé (1966). To them should be added the travelogues and interviews of Fuori di casa (1969; abroad), which arose from the practice of journalism, and the musical reviews posthumously reprinted in book form: Prime alla Scala (1981; premieres at La Scala), edited by G. Lavezzi. The revealing intellectual diary of 1917, Quaderno genovese (wr. 1917, pb. 1983), also deserves mention.