Eugénie Grandet

by Honoré Balzac

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Eugénie Grandet was a novel written in 1833 by French author Honoré de Balzac. It is set in Saumur, a prosperous town on the Loire in western France, known for its dramatic architecture, historic castle, and wine production. The main characters of the novel are:

Eugénie Grandet: The eponymous heroine of the novel is a morally good young woman raised by a wealthy miser. Her father is concerned with her marrying the wealthiest possible young man, but she falls in love with her poor cousin Charles. After being jilted by Charles, she marries Cruchot, who dies young, leaving her a fabulously wealthy and contented young widow.

Felix Grandet: Grandet is father to Eugénie and a wealthy miser who has become rich through inheritance and a business making casks for the wine industry. He is obsessed with both saving and obtaining money and has few scruples in doing so. He is also a domestic tyrant towards his wife and daughter.

Madame Grandet: The mother of Eugénie and wife of Felix is deeply religious and very much subordinated to her husband.

Nanon: A notably ugly woman, Nanon is a servant to the Grandet family.

Monsieur des Grassins: A banker whose services are used by Grandet in winding up his brother's affairs, Grassins is part of Grandet's social circle and hopes to have his son Adolphe marry Eugénie.

Adolphe des Grassins: The son of banker Monsieur des Grassins is an unsuccessful suitor for the hand of Eugénie.

Monsieur Cruchot: A wealthy lawyer, Monsieur Cruchot is also a member of Grandet's social circle, and is distinctly uncouth and poorly dressed despite his wealth.

President Cruchot des Bonfons: The unattractive son of Monsieur Cruchot, a minor provincial official, eventually succeeds in winning the hand in marriage of Eugénie, though very much on her terms. He dies young, leaving her a wealthy widow.

Charles Grandet: Charles is nephew to Felix. He is handsome and dissolute, extremely concerned with his appearance and marrying a wealthy woman. He takes money from Eugénie but eventually jilts her. He is morally corrupt.

Guillaume Grandet: The brother of Felix and father of Charles commits suicide after going bankrupt.

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