Other Literary Forms

(Critical Edition of Dramatic Literature)

Eugène Ionesco was known primarily for his plays. Over the years, however, he published memoirs and fiction worthy of critical attention; most notable are the memoirs Journal en miettes (1967; Fragments of a Journal, 1968) and Présent passé passé présent (1968; Present Past Past Present, 1972) and the novel Le Solitaire (1973; The Hermit, 1974). Successful as a playwright, Ionesco also surfaced occasionally as a theorist of the drama, notably in Notes et contre-notes (1962; Notes and Counter-Notes, 1964). Several of his better-known plays, including The Killer and Rhinoceros, were in fact developed from texts originally conceived, written, and published as short fiction; in addition, Ionesco published several highly innovative children’s books that prove edifying to the adult reader as well.