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Eugene Aram

Eugene Aram, a character based on a real-life scholar and scientist. He is in love with Madeline Lester. In his confession, opened after his execution, he explains that he robbed for money to continue experiments of value to the world. He claims that his killing of Geoffrey was an accident.

Geoffrey Lester

Geoffrey Lester, a dissipated wanderer who abandons his family, later receives a legacy from a friend in India, and becomes Mr. Clark. His disappearance starts a search. When his grave is discovered, Aram is revealed as his murderer.

Rowland Lester

Rowland Lester, an English gentleman who adopts his brother’s forsaken family.

Madeline Lester

Madeline Lester, the daughter of Rowland. Because of her love for Aram, she dies of grief when his crime is discovered.

Ellinor Lester

Ellinor Lester, another daughter of Rowland. She is in love with her cousin, Walter.

Walter Lester

Walter Lester, the son of Geoffrey, who tracks down his father’s murderer. Though originally in love with Madeline, he marries Ellinor.


Houseman, a rogue and the accomplice of Aram. He blackmails Aram for the support of his daughter, whose eventual death nearly drives him mad.


Bunting, Walter’s servant, who helps in the search for Geoffrey.