Eubie Blake Critical Context - Essay

Al Rose

Critical Context

The success of Eubie Blake as a story is as important as any of its other textual levels, as it is a gripping tale of a fabulous life full of richness and ornamentation. Although the book describes some character traits that young adults might not want to emulate, it presents a real human being who embodies the American Dream. Blake realized his potential while overcoming obstacles that he merely took in stride, as did many of his contemporaries.

This biography is also important as a rendering of qualitative research, as it depends on recorded interviews and firsthand observation for its materials. In the course of the presentation, Rose makes a strong case against racial discrimination: Each incident that he relates in which Blake must accommodate prejudice reinforces his polemic against it. Eubie Blake is a powerful work as a story, as a history, and as an instrument for consciousness-raising. Young adults can profit on several levels from reading it.