Characters Discussed

(Great Characters in Literature)

Esther Waters

Esther Waters, an uneducated servant girl, sturdily built but graceful; she is rather sullen-looking except when she smiles. As she grows older, she becomes stout but retains a natural dignity despite her unhappy life. Her devoutness, though it causes mockery among the Barfield servants, brings her comfort. Pregnant and disgraced, Esther loses her job and is later left alone when her mother dies and her stepfather moves to Australia. She experiences hard times until Miss Rice employs her before her marriage to the reckless William Latch. Her love for and pride in Jackie provide some joy in an otherwise sad life.

William Latch

William Latch, son of the cook at Woodview. He is strong but shallow-chested. His forehead is low and narrow, his nose long, chin pointed, cheeks hollow and bloodless, and eyes lusterless. He is an inveterate gambler. Taking advantage of Esther’s innocence, he seduces her by promising to marry her. Annoyed by Esther’s sulking, he elopes with Peggy, who later leaves him. Chancing upon Esther several years later, he persuades her to marry him instead of Fred. Though he prospers for a while, gambling ruins him, and tuberculosis finally kills him.

Mrs. Barfield

Mrs. Barfield, Esther’s mistress at Woodview, a deeply religious woman who is Esther’s friend as well as her employer. Though she dismisses Esther after her pregnancy is discovered, it is to...

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