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by G. K. Chesterton

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Why does Chesterton believe philosophy is important?

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Chesterton thinks philosophy is important because it can untangle the messes in contemporary society that people happily misunderstand. He underlines how the worlds of politics and business are complicated and often corrupt and that people let that continue, because it's easier than fixing it. He also explains how individuals are themselves tangled, their minds a mess of mixed up, misunderstood priorities and values. He argues that philosophy can provide clarity and simplicity to these aspects of life and more.

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In his essay “The Revival of Philosophy—Why?,” G. K. Chesterton explains that philosophy is important for several reasons. One of his main arguments is that without philosophy, a man is really nothing more than a brute animal who is reliant on his instincts. He explains that a man who cannot think philosophically and does not develop his own philosophy substitutes efficient actions for meaningful thoughts, and this will lead him to live a horrible life.

Chesterton thinks that the world would be simpler and more efficient than it currently is with more widespread understanding of philosophy. For example, he discusses how the world of politics is extremely complicated and that people today tolerate this because there is a sense of contentment and ease in misunderstanding them. But philosophy could untangle the complex corruption in sectors like policies and business.

He also argues that philosophy can untangle the mind of an individual too. He points out that most people today have a mind full of the desire for money and for being progressive, mixed with a dislike for old people, young people, and some sense of patriotism. Looking to philosophy can help people sort out this mess in their mind and truly understand who they are and what they value.

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