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Could someone assist me in improving my essay writing skills, particularly for works like "Hamlet," "Robinson Crusoe," and "The Master of Ballantrae"?

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When writing an essay on a particular work of literature, it is important to have read the piece at least two times to be familar with it.

You will either have to pick a topic on which to write, or you will be given a topic by your instructor.  It is important that you re-form your topic into a question that needs to be answered by the essay. Break the topic down into 3 basic ideas that will answer the question.  Then search for support through literary analysis articles.

Take a position on your particular topic and use the original work of literature and various scholarly articles to support your assertions.  Be sure to follow all essay format guidelines (MLA, APA, etc).  Be sure that you answer the question posed by your topic.

Write a strong introduction stating your topic and 3 or 4 details that you will cover in the body of the essay.  Each paragraph of the essay should reflect back to the introduction.  Is the detail mentioned in the introduction?  Yes, continue, No, decide if you need to rewrite the introduction or eliminate this detail.

Finally, Write a strong conclusion that leaves the reader with the most important assertion that you made in the body of the paper.  Again, refer back to your original topic and the question that you created. Does your conclusion answer that question?

Cite your references in a bibliography or works cited page.

There are several examples of essay writing available on the Internet. Please see the links below.

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