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What information is needed to write an effective argumentative essay on adults returning to college?

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Adults returning to college is an interesting topic which could lead to several different persuasive essays. Now you need to find an issue within this topic. An issue has two sides that can be argued. It begins usually with a question. For example, should adults who return to college be given special accommodations because they have been out of school for a period of time? Some would say yes; others would say no. If you took one side of this issue, you would then write your paper to convince your readers that your side is the correct position to take.

Before you get into your paper, make certain you are taking one side of an issue that you can support through the use of persuasive techniques and evidence. Once you are on track, doing some research should give you specific evidence to support your position. 

Here are some basic persuasive techniques to use in your paper:

1. repetition: Write a good phrase and use it throughout your paper for effect. ("Adults need a break today!")

2. rhetorical question: Write some questions for effect, not to solicit information. ("Is that fair?" "Does it make sense to waste money?")

3. refuting the other side's argument: "Some might say that adults make better students. However, that isn't necessarily true . . . ") Then explain why not.

4. writing some allusions that your audience will recognize: ("My little brother was the Eddie Murphy of his third-grade class.")

5. including an anecdote or two: Tell a brief story that helps prove your point.

There are other persuasive techniques, but these should be helpful as you argue your position on the issue you choose. Go to the enotes link below for additional help. Good luck! And one more thing--Don't fall into the trap of arguing both sides of your issue. Take a position and stick to it!

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