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How can I start and conclude my class project report in a catchy way, presenting my interests and desired portrayal without using "I"?

im doing a report for class on a project and i was wondering how to start of my paragraph in a catchy way. This involves telling the readers my interests and the way that i want to be portrayed. i cannot say the word "i" through this paragraph.

Expert Answers

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Given your two statements about the assignment, it's a little hard to figure out just what the assignment is.

If it's about what is found in your bag and what that protrays about you, I wouldn't get hung up on what is ACTUALLY in your bag.  Instead, I would start by jumping right into a list of interesting items that tell about you.

If you are really interested in guys and your appearance, then make-up, etc. would be the focus.  If you are political, you might have a button or handout about a cause of interest.  If you are a serious student, you might have scrap paper from the library where you wrote down the call numbers of some extra reading for a course.  If you are into drama:  a marked-up script.  If you are into music:  some sheets of music and maybe a pick or reed or whatever.

You get the idea.  I would make the first sentence a list of two or three items with a few adjectives to describe them.  To get the sentence without using I, you could do something like: "The contents of her [my?] bag spilled on the table:

Good luck - this sounds like a fun assignment.

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