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Can you assist with writing an education paper?

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You may get more information if you narrow your topic.

Perhaps a good education paper to write right now is changing the school week from five days a week to four days a week. Some districts are currently thinking about making this change. It has both pro's and con's.

For instance, the school day would be longer so teachers and students would be away for a longer portion of the day. This may interfere with after school activities such as sports and clubs. On the positive side, buses would only need to run for four days which cuts the costs of fuel. The problem with this is that the drivers will not make as much money. Another issue that this raises is the problem that parents will face and this is what to do with their children on the fifth day if they are not home. Parents will need to place their children in day care or find babysitters. On the other side of this particular issue is the fact that school is not meant to be babysitters for children in the first place.

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Indeed, more information is needed.  This is too vague of a topic for anyone to give you meaningful guidance.  I can tell you that whatever paper in education you are composing, evidence and substantiation from writing in the field is essential to proving your point.  Even the most personalized of inquiry will require you to substantiate some of it with readings and some type of basis to the literature out there on the topic in question.  However, more detail is needed in terms of what is being discussed, the manner in which it needs to be articulated, as well as the overall requirements.  Few, if any, can write it for you, but posting with guidelines or topics could help to initiate a very strong discussion that will allow your work to become better.

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Being a sophomore in college, I would assume you are in your very first ED classes. I imagine it could be an EDPSYCH or a Foundations or even an early Methods class.

Whatever your situation, I too recommend using for your research educational journals so you are receiving the most field-specific information you can get your hands on. ERIC is a good resource for that. Your school should have a paid subscription for it's education program.

Second, I recommend considering your prompt and choosing a focus from that point. Look at the verb in your writing prompt. Sometimes there are a few. Words like describe, analyze, predict, and consider all mean different things. Make sure you know what you are to do and then actually do it.

For example, if a prompt reads:

Discuss the major education movements and major players involved with those movements over the last 100 years.

then you know what you need to do (discuss) and the rest is how you need to organize.

So I would have the sections(paragraphs) of my paper about (in this case) movements. My first might be John Dewey and progressivism. After showing the characteristics of that movement I would move on to the next.

Good luck! If your question was more specific we could help you better!

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In order to answer the question fully, it would be helpful to know a bit more about your topic. Are you writing about a specific aspect of education (early childhood, middle grades, high school) or are you writing about a specific aspect of education (reading skills, ESL, special education, curriculum development)? There are many different topics within a subject as broad as education. The first thing that you will need to do is determine a topic and a focus for that topic. For example, you might decide to write about the benefits of mainstreaming children with learning disabilities during their elementary years, or, as an opposing viewpoint, the benefits of ESE classroom instruction for children with learning disabilities during their formative years.

Once you have setteld on a single narrow topic and a focus for that topic, then begin your research. Look for valid academic sources (education journals are a good place to start) that support your position on the subject or, if you are writing an informative piece, serve to explain the significace of your topic.

After you have gathered your research, outline the main points that you wish to make and then fill in the supporting details on your outline with evidence, examples, and statistics from your research. Remember to cite each outside reference in the text itself as well as on the reference page. Connect each use of a source with a few ideas of your own as well so that you are not simply collecting research.

Conclude your paper with a restatement of the thesis, then verify that you have a unified, coherent whole.

If you have any specific questions after you have settled on a topic, don't hesitate to ask!

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