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What are "Things You Can't Resist" for your essay topic?

Expert Answers

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In order to write an essay on "Thing You Can't Resist," one must be sure to first define things in life which he or she finds irresistible. To come up with a list, a freewrite could be helpful. (In a freewrite, a writer writes continuously for a certain amount of time. The writer does not edit or worry about spelling or grammar and simply writes while keeping the topic in mind.) Another way to construct a list of irresistible things is to construct a list or graphic organizer.

Once the list of irresistible things is completed, one should categorize the list. Does the list contain items which could be grouped (like foods, clothing, shoes, athletic gear, or jewelry)? If so, these categories could be used to define specific body paragraphs within the essay. 

A writer must decide what rhetorical mode (type of essay) to use. In this case, a writer could write a compare and contrast essay defining objects which are irresistible and those which are not. Another rhetorical mode a writer could use would be a definition essay. Here, a writer would define what is meant by an irresistible item and provide examples of the items being defined. 

As for examples of what I find irresistible, just so you have examples, here is my list of cannot live withouts:

Chocolate (dark and milk)--heels (both dress and boots)--bulky sweaters--stuffed monkeys--pizza. 

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