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I need help choosing a topic for an analogy essay. I want to compare my old backyard, where I had many adventures, to something else. Any ideas?

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There are probably several different ideas and directions you could take this essay, but after reading your initial "backyard" idea, my first thought was to go with something imaginative and childlike.  If this is a place that is sentimental because you associate it with childhood, think of ways you could portray that sentiment as well as a childlike tone in the essay.

Perhaps you could compare the yard to a faraway fairy-tale land with a castle.  Another idea might be to compare it to an amusement park.  You could also toy with the idea of taking another childhood memory (perhaps a book you read or movie you watched) and comparing your backyard to places from the story.  You've given yourself a great idea to work with here, because the imagination of a child is limitless.  The fact that this backyard is tucked away in a childhood memory opens the door for imaginative, narrative, and even childishly whimsical writing.

I'm not sure if there is a format you've been taught to practice in this essay, but you could easily accomplish your task by creating an extended metaphor based around the real concept (your backyard) and the imaginative one.

Have fun, and good luck!

Though the links below do not seem to pertain directly to your assignment, both contain good pieces of advice you could apply here.

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