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Whose responsibility is civility according to the analysis article on civility?

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This question is a bit vague, so I will attempt to help you get started on the assignment.  You may wish to consider the following, then come back to Enotes with more specific questions if you need further help.

Instead of looking at someone else's example on the above topic, I encourage you to utilize some simple steps to writing your own article from scratch.

First, consider the topic and turn it into a question:

Who's responsibility is civility?

Next, define any terms that may need clarification:

Civility: common courtesy; general politeness

Consider that this topic is very open-ended.  Without any more specific instructions, you should consider some of the following questions:

  1. Can this essay be written from personal opinion only or do you need to prove your ideas with facts?  What are your source options?  As in, are you writing an essay from personal experience and observations, or is this assignment a reaction to something you read in class?
  2. In what context must you define who is responsible for civility?  Are you talking about civility in politics? war? personal relationships? global civility?

If you can answer the two questions above and this essay must be based on your observations and experiences, I encourage you to free-write a quick journal about what you think you believe.  Then, go back to what you said and try to come up with examples to justify your opinions.  If you can come up with at least three solid examples to back up your opinions, then outline your ideas using this guide:

Thesis: I believe _________ is responsible for civility in ________ cases because [reason 1], [reason 2], and [reason 3].

Topic 1: reason one
- examples and explanation

Topic 2: reason two
- examples and explanation

Topic 3: reason three
- examples and explanation

The advice in the link below can be tailored to your specific topic.

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