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Can you help me describe my perfect utopia?

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1. What is a utopia? 2. Is there such a thing as perfect utopia? 3.

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This is an interesting question. I would have a very, very hard time describing a perfect utopia because that would mean trying to prescribe an ideal society for everybody--or at least for all the people in a country like the United States. I would be content to try to describe...

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what would be a utopian existence for me personally. There are times when I think it would be utopian, for me, to live on a large, deserted tropical island situated at a latitude where the temperature was always so nice, day and night, that I wouldn't even have to wear any clothes. There are places in the Pacific where it rains nearly every day but only for ten or fifteen minutes, just enough to provide a good supply of fresh water and keep all the greenery nice and shiny. I would need a few tools and a good supply of books. But I wouldn't need much else. I believe that Defoe'sRobinson Crusoe has been so popular for so many years because Crusoe seemed to have a nearly perfect existence--up until the time he ran into those cannibals! But I am afraid that such a life would eventually start to drive me a little crazy and I would want to get back to "civilization" again. Maybe you can't have a perfect situation but can only make little improvements from time to time--like buying yourself a utopian bed and a utopian easy chair with a utopian reading lamp behind it. 

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Have you read Brave New World by Aldous Huxley or "Those Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula K. LeGuin"?  Both of these works portray dysutopias that result from the efforts to create a perfect society.  The reality is, of course, that there cannot be a perfect society.

However, given that you have this assignment, you must design what you hope will be a utopia.  But, since there is a flaw that is common to both Huxley's and LeGuin's utopias, you may wish to focus on how to improve this flaw (and since the assignment is only 2-3 paragraphs you are limited).  That is, in both societies, sorrow has been elimated so that people can always be content since discontent causes many social problems.  But, can there truly be happiness without the experience of unhappiness?  After all, it is only by having known misfortune, sorrow, and the like that people are happy--meaning they rejoice in the pleasures of being well fed, having one physical needs satisfied, being loved, etc.

So, perhaps you may wish to make this dilemma of how to create a perfect world that will remain perfect if sorrow/discontent is eliminated your focus.  Must there be someplace where people go for a time to have misfortune so that they can appreciate their "perfect society"?

You may wish to check out the LeGuin story, which is not long, as it will provide ideas. The summary and other study guides are provided at the sites listed below.

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Since it is a project describing your perfect Utopia then I think you need to figure out what your perfect society would be like. This is going to be different for everyone.

Since it only has to be two or three paragraphs you could write about what your perfect Utopia would be like. Would there be harmony? Equality? No pain or suffering? The obvious answer would be yes but undoubtedly there would be people whose answers would be different. This is strictly a matter of personal opinion.

You could write another paragraph describing why your Utopia is unrealistic or how it differs from reality.

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A utopia is a perfect society. This should be an easy assignment for you because all your teacher is asking is that you determine what a perfect world should look like.

I will give you a few suggestions. First, start with a short paragraph that esentially states you have 2 perspectives in terms of utopia, the attitudes of the people, and the material needs of people.

Then write a paragraph about how people will treat each other. This is a great opportunity for you to think about how people could better get along.

Next, write a paragraph about how material goods will be used. Consider foods, entertainment, and necessities.

Good luck!

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