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How do I write an outline for a report on healthcare for illegal immigrants?

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For an outline, remember to use the rule of 3. This means that you should have three points regarding healthcare for illegal immigrants. The first and last paragraphs are the introduction and conclusion. You should have a strong thesis statement in the introduction.
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I want to add to the previous two responses. Both posts are good and got me thinking.

pohnpei397 presents a good outline for an argument against providing free healthcare to illegal residents. It's possible, of course, to develop a compelling argument for the opposite position, too.

Introduction: Providing free healthcare to illegal residents is no doubt expensive in terms of dollar amounts, but not providing limited free healthcare to this same population may prove even more costly. The argument is grounded in both pragmatism and ethics and requires a clear defintion of what is meant by limited free healthcaere.

Point 1: Infectious diseases need to be identified, controlled, and treated.

Point 2: Humans need to care for each other, especially their most vulnerable neighbors (including illegal residents and their children).

Point 3: Limited free healthcare for specific populations is not the same thing as unlimited free health care.

Conclusion: Cost can be calculated in more than dollar amounts. Limited free healthcare must be provided for illegal residents who have no other access to healthcare.

mwestwood's discussion is also very good, but I want to add that it is indeed possible to take a position when writing a report; this position is usually presented as a recommendation in the final section report. In a so-called "recommendation report," you would present the problem, explore possible solutions, and end up (after carefully reviewing the collected statistics and facts) recommending one particular solution over the others as the best couse of action. Your recommendation in the final section of the report would have meaning because it is not simply unfounded opinion but rather is grounded in factual information and solid reasoning. Most reports are indeed purely informational (e.g. field reports, lab reports, progress reports, incident reports, and meeting minutes), but the recommendation report (to me, the most challenging type of report to write) takes things one step further.

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Is this a report as you wrote or a persuasive essay?

If you are writing a persuasive essay, the outline given to you will work well.  But, if you are not supposed to take a position pro or con, then a persuasive essay is not what you need to write.  For, a report is usually an objective paper, not one that expresses any viewpoints or opinions.

Now, let us consider a report since that is the word you have used.  A report, or a study, will only provide statistics and facts, never giving any opinion or taking any side to an issue.  Compile the data that you can find on (a) the number of illegal immigrants who receive health care [maternity, emergency room, hospital, etc.] (b) how much it costs the state in which they receive the care, and (c) how much it costs the federal government, which, in turn, will cost the taxpayers and all citizens that pay for healthcare as the the costs will rise if illegals receive care.  You probably can find the formal outline on the internet, but it looks something like this:

I.  Illegal immigrants who receive health care from hospitals

     A.  Emergency rooms



      B. Hospital stays

           1.  Maternity

           2.  Surgery

       C.  Clinics

The best example for you to research may be the state of California in which there are many illegal immigrants, many of whom have been provided health care.

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I will assume that you are doing a typical five paragraph essay about this issue.

If that is what you are doing, I think that you should start by figuring out what facts you have.  I would try to look for three major facts or arguments about healthcare for illegal immigrants.  You should put each one as the heading for one of your paragraphs.

Once you have done this, you should decide what your opinion is.  You should use this to put down the basics of an intro and conclusion in your outline.  So a possible (very basic) outline would look something like this:

Introduction: giving healthcare to illegals costs too much.

Point 1: They do not have insurance.

Point 2: They tend to end up going to emergency rooms to get care and that is expensive.

Point 3: We end up paying for this in taxes.

Conclusion: people who are not in the country legally should not be able to get free health care.

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