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What could be a thesis sentence for a research paper on Auschwitz?

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Thesis statement writing can be tough, and they seem to be paradoxical in nature at times. They have to be specific enough to give the paper decent direction, but they also have to be broad enough to give the writer some flexibility when discussing the topic. One key to always keep in mind about a thesis statement is that it needs to make an argument. The paper's job is then to provide evidence that supports that argument.

You are welcome to come up with any argument you like about Auschwitz; however, I would caution against a thesis statement that is likely to anger most of your potential readers. Auschwitz seems like a narrow topic, but it is quite broad. Are you writing a paper about the Germans or the prisoners? Will the paper focus on the horrors of Auschwitz or the bravery of the prisoners? You could do a mixture, but that requires the thesis to guide readers into knowing that two sides of an argument are going to be discussed and developed. This isn't as daunting as it seems. Use a thesis statement that begins with "although." This will force a dependent clause to lead the statement and then an independent clause can follow it. For example, you could use a thesis like the following statement:

Although the horrors of Auschwitz are quite extreme, pockets of goodness, heroism, and kindness also existed within the the camp.

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These events mark one of the darkest days of human history. Rudolf Hoss, one of the leaders of the camp, during the Nuremburg trials estimated that nearly three million people may have died in this network of death camps. These numbers have been revised. It is now estimated that one million people died in Auschwitz and ninety percent of them were Jews. In view of this incredible evil, there can be many amazing and important thesis statements. Let me give you a few of them.

It is too easy to assume the innate goodness of people. However, in the face of the evils of Auschwitz, we need a more realistic picture of the human condition.

Here is another thesis.

It is easy to be a pacifist and say that all fighting is wrong, but there are times in history where one needs to fight, defend the weak, and take a stand. If we learn anything from Auschwitz, it is that indifference is not an option.

Good luck on this very important paper.  

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